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What is RR? 🔻

Resiliency Roundtable is an immersive group coaching session for Indigenous peoples, and allies who are committed to growth.

Connected by a desire to grow, learn and succeed in today’s continually changing world. We’ll discuss spiritual development and Indigenous cultural teachings and how to harness them to strengthen your resiliency.

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Roundtable topics:

Indigenous Awareness

Learn Indigenous cultural sensitivity in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community.

Indigenous Teachings

Traditional sharing to modern-day preservation of native culture, stories, and experiences.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

The system of teachings on balance, connection and the continuous nature of all creation.

Smudging & Sacred Medicines

Dive deep into the sacred ceremony of purification and cleansing negative energy.

7 Grandfather Teachings

Teachings on human conduct towards all living beings for a successful journey through life.

Truth & Reconciliation

How to bridge the knowledge gap of the Nation's history and heal generational trauma.

Resiliency Framework

3 components of Indigenous culture for leveraging strength & overcoming adversity.

Indigenous Resiliency Model

Truth, Reconciliation, Resiliency timeline for reaching limitless levels of happiness and growth.

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The cost of the program is per person, this allows us to keep the groups intimate. We limit attendance to 12 attendees per session, we’ve found the sessions to be most impactful when the group is small, between 8–12 people.

We’ve hosted individuals, professionals, and organizations at our workshops. If you have an appetite to learn and a desire to adapt to the current way you apply Indigenous teachings to your life, there’s a seat for you at the Resiliency Roundtable.

Mallory is booked for 60 minutes in every Resiliency Roundtable, she goes 1-on-1 with each participant in the group setting to work through a particular challenge or obstacle they’re facing. Attendees are encouraged to bring 2–3 specific questions for their time with Mallory.

The subject matter is applicable to Indigenous people, allies, and leaders. All of the following apply:

  • You’re looking to connect with your Indigenous heritage
  • You’re looking for guidance in learning Indigenous cultural teachings
  • You’re looking for ways to more effectively reach Indigenous audiences
  • You’re looking to understand how to recruit and retain Indigenous team members
  • You’re looking to learn how to speak the culturally specific language to connect better with Indigenous stakeholders

If you’re still wondering if Resiliency Roundtable is for you, take our quiz.

Attendees are permitted to change their date up to one week prior to the event. A ticket is non-refundable but can be exchanged for different dates available in the same calendar year.

"Thank you so much for hosting this workshop series! What alot of work you have put into creating these teachings for us. This has been such a special learning experience. I am looking forward to this last workshop and what it will bring to me. I look forward to the upcoming Smudging Circle. As a person who lives with chronic pain, these teachings have helped bring some physical relief as I try to bring balance in using the medicine wheel as a guide and clearer intention while smudging "


"I attended the second workshop and it truthfully changed my perspective on how I see myself and helped me discover my indigenous identity. I have always felt so disconnected from my ancestry so it is wonderful to find new approaches to learning about my own ancestral cultur "


"As an Ally, I am learning so much about your peoples and cultures. I have started smudging and adding Gratitude to my daily writing and meditation. Giving Gratitude has changed my thinking - if a negative thought comes into my mind.. I turn it around by changing my thoughts to gratitude. So thankful for this teaching. "


"This is amazing! I love that it’s going in-depth and there’s conversations happening. And encouragement of the conversations. I think that it’s such a positive outlet to learn and grown. I appreciate having a safe place to come learn. "


"I really want to learn my ancestors teachings! Unfortunately we lost the teachings along the way in my family, but I am really happy there are organizations like Tribal Trade to help out with reconnecting :)!! One day I'll be able to practice those teachings on a daily basis, I won't give up! "


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