Learn the foundations of the Indigenous culture, the Medicine Wheel teachings, the power of smudging with intention, and other Indigenous culture workshops.

These transformative training sessions are meant to guide you on your own journey while also learning about Indigenous culture and applying teachings to experience growth and development.



These workshops are created especially for:


Organizations working with Indigenous Communities

Learning traditional teachings for First Nations Communities

Indigenous cultural awareness training

"She was great. Honest, authentic, too... really cared about what she had to share, and in this context (and in a modern world). I was initially not sure about this from the initial description, but was blown away by the amount of things she shared with us..."

"Mallory’s energy! Beautiful presentation. How she wove her own story in."

Foundations of Indigenous Worldview

Learn the fundamentals of the Indigenous culture. This includes the basics of indigenous worldview, compared to the Western worldview, and how this applies to your life today. 

Discover why traditional teachings and oral storytelling has been so effective for knowledge sharing in the Indigenous culture. Get a clear understanding of native nations, and tribes, what the differences are, and how learning about them can connect you further in your own self-discovery.


Foundations of Indigenous Worldview Workshop

$59.00 USD

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Applying The Medicine Wheel

Achieve personal balance and wellness in this workshop by applying the indigenous teachings of the medicine wheel to your own life. In order to achieve balance, it is essential to address the needs of each of the four states of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is the primary lesson of the medicine wheel. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the medicine wheel and how to determine which application of these lessons works best for achieving the type of balance you need in your life.

Applying The Medicine Wheel Workshop

$59.00 USD

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Smudging With Intention

This group workshop is designed to help everyone from beginners to those already well versed in the art of smudging. You’ll learn not only the specifics of how to smudge, but how to smudge with intention so that your smudging ritual is successful every single time.

This workshop is ideal for those who can’t quite seem to get the hang of smudging or anyone who finds themselves wondering why they don’t feel better after a smudge. The power of smudging is in your intentions -- and you get to set them.

Learn to own the power of intention for a more successful smudging experience.

Smudging With Intention Workshop

$59.00 USD

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Applying Traditional Teachings  

Do you feel disconnected from your indigenous ancestry? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your personal, professional, or creative life? Are you an ally of the indigenous community? 

If you fall into any or all of these categories, this workshop is meant to transform your life and leave you feeling more connected with yourself and with indigenous culture than ever.

This course revolves around a framework for resiliency that uses indigenous teachings, allowing you to tap into resiliency in every aspect of your life and to access your own wealth of personal power.

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Smudge Circle

Smudge Circle serves as a comprehensive guide to indigenous teachings, practices, and worldview. From smudging, to the medicine wheel, to sacred medicines, ceremonies, and more, this workshop covers absolutely everything you need to know to connect with indigenous culture.

Smudge Circle provides you not only with an in-depth look at indigenous culture and teachings, but with the tools and resources necessary to start or forge ahead on your own journey toward personal success and wellness using teachings handed down for generations.


“Thank you for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences. Your voice sparked important reflections and conversations—for that, we are grateful."

"I liked everything!! I cannot wait to dive deep into her website and learn more!!!!!!"

Hey, I’m Mallory

My childhood was filled with so much quality time spent with immediate and extended family in Curve Lake First Nation. 

Traveling to pow wows with my gran and my cousins, and camping trips on the island with late night stories around the fire - kept me close to my native heritage. 

After I moved away from my home community, to attend Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, I found myself living in two completely different worlds. 

The fast-paced, capitalistic world and the nostalgic world of my home community. 

This left me not fitting in in either place… feeling completely misplaced, and alone. 

The only way to cope with the overwhelming unattachment was to immerse myself in my schooling and career endeavors, to the point where it became an obsession. 

I wanted to start a business upon graduation but had no idea what it would look like…

Our mission is to connect tribal people, being indigenous or non-indigenous, as they continue to learn and celebrate their connection to their heritage